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Episode two is, in many ways, very different from episode one – it’s a futuristic, space-set adventure featuring the return of the Doctor’s greatest enemies. It feels like what it (presumably) is: a Phil Ford story with a healthy sprinkling of Steven Moffat.

You’ll be reminded of “Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS” and “Dalek”. And “Let’s Kill Hitler”.

There’s one scene which is right out of the original Star Wars. Right out of it.

The word “Silence” is used.

One of the soldiers has a great name.

It starts with a spectacular space battle that showcases just how tremendous the show’s special effects routinely now are.

A Dalek says the word “Doctor”, though not for the reason you’d expect.

There’s a reference to a very, very old story in the show’s history.

A good man goes to war. But then again, is he a good man?

The line “Resistance is futile” are heard. Yes, really!

There’s one particularly spectacular explosion.

Great line: “You’d starve to death trying to find the light switch.”

Ow, that’s a heck of a slap!

Clara is a fast mover. In every sense.

What goes down must come up.

There’s a sort of reference to a 1966 movie – not surprising, when you realise what the plot’s about.

Some of the things the Doctor says and does will make you gasp.

It’s a dark, claustrophobic, hard-edged story that’s a long way from the lightness and brightness of much of the Matt Smith era. If you liked “Deep Breath” you’ll probably like this one – if you didn’t care for “Deep Breath” you may not take this one to your heart either.


Doctor Who “Into The Dalek” Preview Excerpt

. You will have seen the “Am I good man?” trailer by now, and this is the episode where that little chat with Clara takes place. I will say, everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan does some questionable things and spits more than a few nasty lines during the course of the forty-five minutes or so.

The Twelfth Doctor continues with his rather opaque and spikey personality first witnessed last week in Deep Breath. Capaldi seems like he’s been The Doctor for years now, so comfortable is his performance.

Elsewhere in the cast, we’re introduced to Danny Pink; a teacher at Coal Hill School alongside Clara. The two hit it off immediately and it looks like we’ll be seeing much more of the handsome new man in her life over the series. Samuel Anderson does a sterling job, fitting in straight away with his ill-at-ease manner and fascinating past…

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Elba showing Cumberbatch and Freeman some love…..

Doctor Who Fans

Doctor Who Fans

Doctor Who “Into the Dalek” Episode Dialogue Teasers

“Crying’s for civilians.”

“The security on this base is absolute, so we’re still going to kill you.”

“Don’t like soldiers much, do you?”

“Have you ever killed a man?”

“You didn’t realise there was a living creature inside.”

“Die all you like, not my problem.”

“You’re not my boss. You’re one of my hobbies.”

“I hate babysitters.”

“Behold the belly of the beast.”

“We’d never insert a thermometer from up here.”

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Billy Crystal’s tribute to Robin Williams - 2014 Emmy Awards


Steven Moffat : Sherlock Season Four Filming and Date

"We’re going to start filming a special episode in January, at exactly the same time as I start shooting ‘Doctor Who’ so that’s great, and then we’re doing three more ‘Sherlocks’ later in the year. When they go out is up to the BBC, and I’m their loyal servant, and I simply do what they ask me."

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Moffat : season 4 plan is ‘devastating’

Asked if the previously announced season 4 can top this Emmy-winning season, Moffat replied: “We have a plan to top it. And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan … we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock.”

Moffat also revealed he doesn’t look at Sherlock-obsessed social site Tumblr (“We have to stay away from it, particularly me. My friends keep saying ‘don’t go on Tumblr, they’re tremendously cross’”) and noted his surprise at Sherlock‘s winning streak. “I didn’t think we’d win anything,” he said. “I’m a bit worried about rewinding and seeing my speech … we were just starting to think that phase [of getting awards attention] was dying down … hopefully more people will watch it.”

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Doctor Who “Into the Dalek” Teaser